Laser Snoring & Apnoea Treatment

  • Non-invasive
  • Increases the quality of sleep
  • Lessens the effects of snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Safe and patient-friendly treatment
This laser treatment is a fast, non-invasive and friendly way of increasing the quality of a person’s sleep. It lessens the effects of sleep apnoea and can decrease the amplitude of snoring through the use of gentle, superficial laser light. No anaesthesia is used in this treatment at

How does this treatment work?
During treatment laser light heats the tissue, causing tightening of the tissue which leads to an attenuation of the sound of the patient’s snoring and a lessening of the effects of sleep apnoea. The black golf iron set is really fun to use and they're so easy to hit from any lie.

This treatment has a high success rate in producing a positive change in sleep patterns. More info about all on 4 dentist in California is available at site. Research has shown that it reduces and attenuates snoring and provides an effective non-invasive way to lessen the effects of sleep apnoea.

The treatment requires no device to be worn during sleep, no chemical treatment, and no anaesthesia. It is a gentle and easy way for the patient and their loved ones to regain a good night’s rest.

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