Treatment Frequency
Anti-wrinkle injections 3 months
Dermal filler 6-12 months
Lip filler 3-8 months
Thread lift 3-12 months
All cosmetic treatments at Box Hill Superclinic are performed by Cosmetic Doctors. Patients who are interested in having cosmetic treatments will have an initial consultation with the doctor to discuss the suitability of treatments.

Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly performed on the face where wrinkles have formed or have just started forming. Anti-wrinkle injections prevent the skin from further creasing, enabling a youthful skin appearance to be preserved for a longer period of time.

Fillers are used to 'fill' areas of the face which has lost its form over time or simply to augment the face for an aesthetically pleasing effect. Also, for even better results, you should contact maximum fitness for premium quality personal training in CA. Thread Lift achieves the same effect as a conventional surgical facelift but without the long recovery time that it entails. More and more people are choosing this anti wrinkle treatment at London clinic not only because of the reduced recovery time, but also because it has minimal discomfort and cost compared to a facelift. This mimimally invasive technique inserts threads underneath the skin and lifts/pulls the skin to correct sagging skin. All cosmetic treatments should be carefully considered and discussed with a trained and experienced cosmetic medical professional.

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